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About us



Our specialization 

MeetYourItaly – offers you an unusual Italy, Italy that is not yet known to the public.

Our specialization – exciting trips, excursions, tours, tastings throughout Italy.

From north to south, from east to west – you will discover places that are full of history, flavors, colors and emotions, where it seems that time has stopped. Medieval villages and rural areas, hills and charming valleys, parks and protected areas, the Riviera and the islands, food and wine – Discover the true taste of the Italian “Dolce Vita”!

Who I am?

My name Kaptarenko Natalia, I live in Italy, more precisely in Florence for over 10 years.

I graduated Florence University.

In 2012 – obtained the license for carrying out professional travel activities in the region of Tuscany and throughout Italy (license N̊ 15125), also graduated courses of professional Sommelier AIS-Italian Sommelier Association (level 1).

Throughout all these years, I do not get tired to admire the beauty of Italy, the beauty of the places that are truly divine, what is why in 2013 I decided to found MeetYourItaly.


Travel now with MeetYourItaly

For those who decided to take a trip with MeetYourItaly I propose:

  • Culinary Tours.
  • Assistance and thematic excursions throughout Italy.
  • Wine tasting
  • Support in Italy
  • Translations
  • Transfers … and more.

See you in Italy !!


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